Software company with fairness

service promise is given by our owners

Customer service promise


We commit to the promises we make. All our service provision guarantees are made by and by the express wish of our partner team. A dedicated partner is the best investment for the client, because the partners are the most significant owners of the whole business.

Customer experience

Our company culture adapts to customer needs. In practice we are here to help as an individual consultant, in a group of experts or part of multisupplier environment. We hear out customer wishes on tech and ways of work. We are part of customer’s culture, making it even richer.


There are about 80.000 it professionals in Finland, 10-15 % of whom are cutting-edge top experts. The productivity and creativity of such top experts is manifold when well-motivated. We offer these modern day cutting edge craftsmen the fair and appreciation-filled home they deserve.

Why Luoto Company?

Digitalisation concerns every business these days. A good idea is wasted if the execution is not reliable and the project is not completed in time. We are software development agency that focuses on partnering with top-class experts in our field. These partners own the company and the service level guarantee.

Fundamentally digitalisation is about saving time and other resources or producing valuable content.

How we operate?

Our experts are autonomous, self-directing professionals who understand the big picture and their value-adding role in it. Most important triad of successful modern software development project is created by a multitalented development team, product owner and sufficient end-user engagement. The role of others (e.g. management, processes, infrastructure etc.) is to help this triad to shine.

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Our core services

Solution architecture

Modern cloud microservices. The required framework for the technical solution. Clear picture of the whole solution.

Fullstack software development

Web and mobile deployment, databases and business logic built with modern technologies.

Quality control and automation

Quality assurance, security, automation and performance testing are important as is modern devops


The world has reached a point in which market information is primarily in digital format. New innovative services are built on solid data.

Team Leader

The self-directing team also needs support structures, management of dependencies and communication coordination.

Artificial intelligence and machine learning

We have 4+1 innovation service, good experiences of deployment and vision about what to do now and in the future.

Our first home in Helsinki

Eerikinkatu 28, 9th floor, 00100 HELSINKI. Welcome!