Human capital revolution change company structures

Work is in the midst of change. A huge portion of workforce consists of experts. In Finland, almost every other person.

Most of contemporary people are specialists and the value of their work is defined by the purchasing client. We are speeding up this change through the concept of fairness. We reward our top-class experts with equivalent ownership and give our clients the possibility of re-evaluating the work done based on end-results. Based on these insights we want to participate in the public discussion on the new ways of improving the international competitiveness of expert work.

You can find us in social media behind the following Finnish hash tags. You can find the latest articles on issues that are of interest to us on our Facebook pages, on the Blog and in the Participating in Conversation sections. You can contact us personally by phone, email or social media or you can come and talk to us at our Helsinki office. The contact details are at the bottom of the page. We look forward to hearing from you.

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Fairness is the new normal in consulting.

Our Story

A normal Finnish evening after work. The raw wood kitchen table in a Helsinki home. The silence is broken by laughter: the IT knowhow of a network of old friends has gathered around the table once again. The common understanding about the way the sector needs to change is clear to us all; we’ve shared that view for a long time. Finland is about to turn 100. Digitalisation has entered different levels of society and the speed of change is turning competition into an obstacle course in different sectors.

There are plenty of truly value-adding ideas circling in the market, but implementation is rarely that easy. Scarcity of resources creates a need for multi-talented experts who understand interdependencies and business. Most importantly, such talents have what is needed – the right enthusiastic attitude to their work. There are surprisingly many jobs in which the last meters are the crucial ones. In itself, there is nothing particularly unusual about this; creating something new has always required a lot of work throughout history. Only now successful implementation has become more crucial for the clients than before.

We ended the inspiring evening with the conclusion that there was a need for a new business structure in our post-industrial expert-centred business that is founded on fairness, appreciation and freedom. We knew that such values would bring together the sharpest top-class of multi-talented experts that could lead the way into the future. This foundation is like an islet – Luoto in Finnish means an islet – a small, rocky island protected by trees and solid in its foundation in the stormy seas of digitalisation. Luoto Company is an software development agency for these new times.

Our business culture is based on meaningful ownership. Luoto Company is 80% owned by our experts. We do not have employees, we have partners. We seek to create a workplace in which the expert has the freedom to work in an environment in which the skills of modern-day craftsmen are appreciated through shared ownership. For our clients this means that we stand behind and are committed to our service promises. Our clients can rest assured in the knowledge that they are commissioning truly motivated and engaged top-class experts.

What makes us unique?

Our first home in Helsinki

Eerikinkatu 28, 9th floor, 00100 HELSINKI. Welcome!