Work & life balance through ownership


At the early stages of setting up the company we talked with over 300 software developers about their values and their wishes. The essential theme that emerged from these discussions was fairness. For us fairness means that our top-notch experts participate in decision-making as partners and invest in developing their own expertise. We know the value of our knowhow and want to sustain it in the company of colleagues with the same spirit. To our clients fairness manifests as our uncompromising dedication to our service level guarantee.


When something is meaningful it impacts our learning and our motivation. As human beings we are at our best when we are part of a supportive, safe and caring community that works for a purpose. One of our purposes is to develop the competitiveness of software development consulting through fairness and appreciation of intellectual capital. In addition, in our projects we find meaning, for example, in promoting environmental protection, helping the vulnerable or, for example, in increasing information transparency in society.


Luoto Company is 80 % owned by our expert developers. For us ownership means financial freedom and decision-making power as an equal partner in our company. In addition to having employee benefits it also means having the rights of the owner. Partnership is redeemed through the invested capital, that is, through your expertise and through your good attitude. Together we are Luoto Company.

How do I become a partner?

We build our team sustainably and with thought. We welcome into our team reliable, experienced professionals for whom the success of their clients is a priority on top of developing their own knowhow. Start your journey by talking with one or more of the Luoto Company Partners. They will tell you more about what we do and how. In the tech stack we particularly appreciate knowledge of modern Java, Javascript (node, js, react, angular etc.). In addition we are interested in data, artificial intelligence and machine learning. Feel free to contact any of us!

Our first home in Helsinki

Eerikinkatu 28, 9th floor, 00100 HELSINKI. Welcome!